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Open E-Mobility is a smart EV solution and energy management software

We help you run your e-mobility business

We are Open E-Mobility

Open E-Mobility allows you to efficiently supervise your entire charging infrastructure and e-fleet to best support EV drivers.

To fight the global climate issue and to reach the objectives of the Paris Agreement (e.g. cut of 50% reduction of CO2 emission by 2030), we need to support the society to make the usage of electric vehicles easier, to optimize the use of the energy and to develop the production of sustainable energy.

With these goals in mind, we built Open E-Mobility. Since SAP Labs France took the courageous step to convert its company car fleet to 100% electric vehicles in 2014, we have been using Open E-Mobility daily and are constantly working on further developments.

Open E-Mobility is a driving factor so that any charging network, every company, every fleet manager, any shop or residential building can become an actor of this evolution by producing, storing and consuming energy. Open E-Mobility provides a simple and efficient way to supervise your charging infrastructure and to enable drivers to move to electric vehicles smoothly.

Operating with Open E-Mobility

Enabling a vision

“When I announced my wish in 2015 to convert the entire company car fleet to electric cars within 5 years, I got a lot of criticism. Today 92% of our employees are happy EV drivers and Open E-Mobility was instrumental in driving this change.”

Hanno Klausmeier, SAP Labs France Managing Director

Hanno Klausmeier

“With Open E-Mobility, you have full control, transparency and other features that have made our charging offering even better.”
Tobias Wagner, ChargeX CEO

We help you run your e-mobility business

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