Last May, RobinTV visited SAP Labs France in Mougins. The visit of the videographer was an opportunity for him to understand how a company of the size of SAP Labs France could manage a fleet of 300 electric vehicles.

Making an energy transition before others

Hanno Klausmeier, President of SAP Labs France, received RobinTV at the Mougins office. Through an interview with RobinTV, he reveals his vision of the company’s energy transition in France in 2014.In 2015, SAP Labs France acquired 6 Zoé and installed its first 3 charging points. The following year, the company’s employees are no longer allowed to order thermal vehicles from the company car catalog.In 2017, the company began work to achieve energy resilience. A photovoltaic power plant begins to be installed on the roof of the Labs in Mougins. To continue its resilience work, SAP Labs France rehabilitates Nissan Leaf batteries into storage batteries to store electricity from photovoltaics. By 2022, the entire fleet will be fully electric.

The role of Open E-Mobility with SAP Labs France

RobinTV’s interview with the president of SAP Labs France highlights the importance of having resources that can manage charging points as well as vehicles that charge simultaneously.
Similarly, the president reminds us that energy resilience also requires the use of renewable resources such as solar.
The Open E-Mobility solution offers SAP Labs France the possibility of managing the various resources that coexist on the company’s smart grid in Mougins

Supervision of charging point and state of charge

At SAP Labs France, Open E-Mobility deploys its solution to manage the simultaneous recharging of numerous electric vehicles. The Open E-Mobility solution recovers the numerous information from the different charging points installed on the company’s parking lot and recovers them to monitor and follow the charging of the different vehicles. The solution also provides feedback on the status of the charge and the various charging points. In particular, it allows so-called “smart charging” to be carried out so as not to exceed the energy threshold available on the site.

Supervision of the smart grid of SAP Labs France

In addition to managing the charge, Open E-Mobility also manages the connection of the various resources present on the site. Thus, the solution allows communication between the solar panels, the battery, the terminals, the electrical network, and the building.
The connection of these elements allows to follow in real time the consumption and/or the production of energy. The algorithm deployed by the solution allows for intelligent energy management. This is how SAP Labs France can be proud to charge different electric vehicles at the same time on a single site.

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