SAP Labs France, how to charge 300 EV in the same place ?

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SAP Labs France is a subsidiary division of SAP SE which is a multinational company specialising in software development. Spread over three sites in France: Levallois-Perret, Caen, and Mougins, SAP Labs France employs 416 people.

With its origins in the research and development of management software, SAP Labs France understood and detected the challenges linked to mobility and electro-mobility before they emerged in the public sphere.

This ability to capture innovation and knowledge has led SAP Labs France to propel electric mobility within the company with a series of policies to accelerate the energy transition of the company and its employees. These actions concern employee mobility: employees can benefit from an electric company car.


Since 2014, SAP Labs France has been at the forefront of the energy transition for companies. Today, the company has a complete smart grid at its Mougins site, comprising :

  • A 70kW photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of the building
  • Shade with solar panels on the north car park of 30kW
  • A battery composed of 150kWh reconditioned Nissan Leaf batteries

As part of its energy transition policy, SAP Labs France has also installed several charging points for employees’ electric vehicles. More than 60 charging points are spread across the Mougins site, including 4 fast charging stations.

With nearly 300 electric vehicles on site and resources that consume and produce energy, the difficulty imposed by the context of the Mougins site is the management of energy.


Open E-Mobility has provided a concrete solution that allows SAP Labs France to serenely manage the various resources that consume and produce energy.

First of all, our solution has enabled us to connect the various resources of the Mougins site and to establish communication between them. Secondly, Open E-Mobility enables intelligent energy management. Indeed, the numerous electric cars that can be recharged simultaneously on the site consume a lot of energy.


The consumption of the building and the various charging points never exceeds the consumption set in the solution and provided by the energy supplier. This is made possible thanks to the algorithm developed by the Open E-Mobility teams, which draws first and foremost on the energy produced locally by the various solar panels, but also on the storage battery present on site. Thus, employees can recharge their vehicles simultaneously and SAP Labs France can also make significant savings on the building’s electricity consumption.

With the arrival of more and more electric vehicles and our desire to make our fleet greener, we were facing a problem of energy management, but Open E-Mobility made it possible to circumvent this problem

Joseph CINQUANTA , Real Estate Director SAP France

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