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The oldest Monegasque institution, which employs nearly 745 people in 20 different departments, has carried out a major project.    

Indeed, the renovation of this courtyard has seen the installation of charging stations for the vehicles of the town hall. The Principality’s City Hall called on Open E-Mobility to supervise the charging points installed in the main courtyard of Monaco’s City Hall. 


This very special project in the heart of the principality had its share of constraints and challenges. The City Hall had a limited power supply and the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles meant that this limit would be exceeded. If no solution was put in place, exceeding the power limit could jeopardize the power supply of Monaco City Hall’s electrical network. It was essential to balance the network to avoid any problems. 


It is for these reasons that the town hall of Monaco called upon our solution. After visiting our premises and our facilities, the teams who were leading the project at the Monaco City Hall decided to trust our solution. The visit to our facilities allowed the teams of the principality to gauge the energy management capabilities of our solution and the management of charging points.

Thus, the construction of the main courtyard of the Monaco City Hall took place in several phases: 

  • Installation of the charging points 
  • Connect the charging points to the supervision 
  • Connect energy resources such as general services to the supervision solution 

Once the project was completed, the Monaco City Council was able to take full advantage of our solution and the various services we offered. 


The Open E-Mobility Solution has provided Monaco City Hall with a real-time view of the status of the charging stations, the status of the EV fleet and when to intervene on defective charging stations at any time.

To go further, our solution Open E-Mobility also allows the principality’s city hall to quantify the energy consumption of the charge points in real-time. Thanks to this information provided by our solution, a dynamic control the charge points can be carried out and ensures additional security to not exceed the energy limits of the buildings.

Finally, as the 20 electric vehicles of the Monaco city council fleet are not from the same brand and are compatible with different charging points, our solution brings flexibility to the City Council. This flexibility allows an expansion of the VE fleet and of the network of charging points that owns the city hall of Monaco. A new perspective for the City Council, who wants to replace thermal vehicles with electric vehicles.

We can use the dynamic piloting of our charging points, so we never put in peril our installation at the town hall

Thierry Bonora, Work Supervisor at the Monaco City Hall

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