An important step in the life of a digital solution, the migration to more efficient technologies is essential for its proper growth. This is why Open E-Mobility chose to migrate to Kubernetes during the year.

This migration to a new technology inevitably involves a time of adaptation and learning for the teams. Nevertheless, the gain is considerable. Through this article, we explain what Kubernetes is and what it really brings to our solution.

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source solution, like Open E-Mobility, that automates the deployment, scaling as well as management of containerized applications.

In computing, the principle of containerization is a type of virtualization that is used for applications. This concept is based on the creation of several user spaces isolated from each other; these are containers. These containers are stored on a common core and contain the different hardware resources needed to run an application.

Kubernetes takes this container principle and improves it. Indeed, the developers of Kubernetes, rely on their experience in managing workloads at Google to provide an optimized solution for the deployment and management of applications. Thus, like Google, Kubernetes manages the various billions of containers that can compose it wonderfully, it is a real conductor of an orchestra.

What are the benefits of Kubernetes?

The adoption of such a solution is important in the growth of a digitalized company because the industrialization that it brings is a significant gain. The advantages that companies can get from such a migration are important.

Indeed, Kubernertes is designed to optimize application development. The solution offers a platform that is dedicated to the planning and execution of containers in a virtual way. The goal is to automate operational tasks and save time in the long run. Thus, the development of a containerized application is facilitated by the platform. Therefore, Open E-Mobility chose Kubernetes to improve its growth, but that’s not all!

Kubernetes is even better with third-party services

As an open-source solution, Kubernetes is more efficient because of the add-on solutions that can be connected. Through APIs, So, connecting third-party solutions through APIs make this technology very effective.

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What applications for Open E-Mobility?

The Open E-Mobility team chose Kubernetes to host its solution for several reasons :

  • Create and manage application services
  • Plan execution and deployments
  • Guarantee their integrity
  • Ensure efficient monitoring

The functionalities brought by Kubernetes are numerous as well as the advantages for Open E-Mobility

  • More security
  • Automation of certain tasks, especially for maintenance and deployment of features
  • Case by case for Open E-Mobility customers
  • More performance for the Open E-Mobility solution

Easy maintenance for the teams

One of the advantages of Kubernetes resides in the maintenance it can perform on the containers that host the solution. To explain things in a simple way, Kubernetes is able to detect a faulty container, and make a copy of it while correcting the error that prevents it from working properly. This “operator” will mimic the human, fix the error faster but also learn from this experience and make the solution more and more reliable.

Kubernetes allows us to do case by case for the users of the solution

By choosing Kubernetes, we have the ability to do “case by case” for customers. In particular, we have the ability to:

  • Choose the cloud provider selected by the customer
  • Whether or not to use the customer’s own database

Optimal security

Finally, an equally important point is the security offered by Kubernetes technology. The security of our passwords is guaranteed so the problem of DDOS attacks. Kubernetes is more efficient with additional solutions like VAULT. This is what we have chosen to protect passwords and respect the RGPD rules. Kubernetes adds an extra layer of protection to our solution and thus guarantees optimal use for the end users.

So, the choice to migrate to this technology for Open E-Mobility is not trivial. This choice implies a learning curve for our teams to master this technology. Nevertheless, the long-term consequences will be beneficial for the growth of Open E-Mobility and the stability of the solution.

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