Since October 2022, Open E-Mobility is part of Stripe Climate. A Stripe climate initiative. Thanks to this, Open E-Mobility donates part of its profits to Stripe to finance innovative technologies.

The Stripe Climate program, a fund to finance innovative technologies

The Stripe Climate program is a fund to finance innovative technologies aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. In concrete terms, a commission is paid to this program for each transaction made via the Stripe application.

As a result, Stripe users like Open E-mobility can choose to donate a portion of their funds. This fund aims to pool user payments and redirect a portion to the financing of innovative companies. The aim of this program is to participate in the fight against global warming. For this, Stripe has chosen to finance innovative companies and their technologies through this fund.

Open E-Mobility participates in this climate movement

Stripe is collaborating with Frontier, a team of scientific experts, to fund the purchase of carbon removal and reduction technology. With Frontier’s scientific guidance and Stripe’s entrepreneurial experience, Open E-Mobility has chosen to be part of this movement to see new technologies emerge to make the world a better place.

For more information, visit Stripe Climate.

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