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Our cloud-based solution allows you to supervise and manage your entire infrastructure and your users in order to make the energy transition scalable and highly available.

The main strength of Open E-Mobility is to allow you to easily manage your energy infrastructure by providing detailed information about its usage in real time. It also gives your drivers the opportunity to charge their cars in a smart way. Available on both your computer and your smartphone, our solution gives you a dynamic overview of the data relevant to you, whether you are an administrator or a user. We built Open E-Mobility to meet the expectations of both EV drivers and site managers.

You will be able to:

  • Manage your complex infrastructure, which can include several companies or multiple sites and charging areas, to best fit your deployment scenarios.
  • Manage your charging stations and energy assets that produce, consume, or store electricity (e.g. solar panels, batteries, buildings and charging points). You are able to see everything in real time, and in case of unusual events, alerts are automatically sent to you.
  • Monitor the state of your charging infrastructure as well as the consumption and behavior of users by using the analytics dashboard.
  • Track costs and usage. You have the option of setting the price for your entire infrastructure. It also gives you an excellent overview of how your users use the charging stations. You are provided with all relevant information, such as the inactive time per user, the cost of charging sessions, or the operating hours of the charging stations, enabling you to prevent and schedule maintenance.
  • Manage your users and RFID cards and control who has access to your charging stations.

You will be able to:

  • Discover the charging areas and look for the nearest free charging point.
  • Start and monitor your charging session and receive notifications when the optimal charging state has been reached.
  • Use the analytics dashboard to keep track of your consumption and charging behavior.
  • Start charging by using your phone or RFID card with a scan and charge system.
  • Browse your charging history.
  • Add payment methods to simplify the payment process and download invoices.
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