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open E-Mobility Application

Multi-Integrations, a lot of possibilities

Open E-Mobility is a turnkey software that supports different use cases. To make this possible, connectors and application programming interfaces (APIs) are available for connecting third-party software to facilitate their integration.


Open E-Mobility is compatible with multiple software as Analytics, expense management HR & ERP

Car connector

Open E-Mobility gives you the possibility to connect with your car DATA

Facilitating the usage of your charging infrastructure

Opening your infrastructure to the public may be a way to actively contribute to the energy transition or to generate revenues. Besides, in various countries, you may even need to connect your charging stations to a roaming platform such as Hubject,, Gireve or others to obtain incentives for the installation of your charging stations network.

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Knowing your fleet to optimize the charges

Manage different assets


hanks to its smart charging capabilities, Open E-Mobility enables to manage different assets and implements sophisticated algorithms to match the energy demand with energy capacity in real time and to fast charge multiple vehicles in parallel.

However, Charge Point Management Systems (CPMS) may miss critical car information to fully optimize the charges: when a car is connected to an AC charging point, it does not receive the current state of charge (SoC) of the vehicle.

To solve this problem, Open E-Mobility leverages car connectors that inform our software about the SoC of the vehicles. Car connectors can be software based and brand specific (in this case we connect directly to the cloud of the manufacturer, e.g. Mercedes), software based and brand agnostic (thanks to aggregators such as Tronity that offer a single API to connect with the main constructors including Tesla, VW, Renault, Stellantis, Kia, etc.), or hardware based (the SoC of your fleet vehicles are transferred to a private space accessible via our software).

Integrating Open E-Mobility with your software landscape

Open E-Mobility is only one component of the enterprise software landscape, therefore, to make your day-to-day business easier, it must interact with other components to better understand the usage and the costs of the EV infrastructure and to make the employee experience transparent and easy.

Understanding your infrastructure usage

Open E-Mobility includes a set of basic analytics to understand your Infrastructure usage, however if you want to be able to further exploit your data, you can setup your favorite analytics tool to use Open E-Mobility as a data source.

Another Integration Idea: leverage a full fledge API

We are completely aware of the fact that you may want to integrate Open E-Mobility to support other use cases and we are indeed working on others with commercial or research partners. Our full fledged REST API enables to collect and eventually interact with all data manipulated by Open E-Mobility such as companies, sites, site areas, charging points, assets, users, RFID cards, cars, sessions, billing and more!

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