Open E-Mobility is an energy supervision and smart charging solution and a holistic system for managing the charging processes of electric vehicles (CPMS – Charge Point Management System) in real time.

With this solution, you can optimize the sizing of your charging infrastructure while meeting network constraints and keeping track of your entire charging infrastructure and users.

Easy monitoring of charging operations at your charging stations enables efficient time management and optimized vehicle rotation at the individual charging points, optimizing their usefulness and preventing the installation of too many expensive chargers.

At the same time, Open E-Mobility provides an optimization of energy management (Energy Management System). Several energy production assets (e.g. solar panels), battery storage, buildings (smart building), and different charging points can be integrated, independently of their hardware manufacturer.

Using the smart charging function, an intelligent control balances load imbalances, avoids energy peaks, and thus minimizes electricity costs.

All information can be sent to multiple SAP and third-party software applications to obtain accurate information about cost, usage, and consumption.

These optimization procedures enable an efficient setup of charging infrastructures, improve their usability, and efficiently support the integration of e-vehicles into your business processes.