Open E-Mobility offers you the following:

  1. A hardware manufacturer-independent solution that is compatible with more than 50 different AC/DC chargers
  2. A versatile solution that supports multiple use cases and business models
  3. A ready-to-run software that supports the integration with SAP and third-party software
  4. Integrated roaming, payment, and billing capabilities that enable you to integrate your infrastructure into leading standards (e.g. Hubject, Gireve, Stripe, etc.)
  5. A scalable and highly available cloud-based software solution with an intuitive user interface
  6. A solution that is able to supervise an entire electric vehicle charging infrastructure (IRVE) together with a complete smart grid
  7. A solution developed almost 10 years ago and since then been used and tested daily at SAP Labs France’s huge private e-car fleet (100% e-cars representing 300 company cars, 20+ EV brands, 3 main sites, and more than 60 satellites)