The Open E-Mobility solution offers many advantages, the most important ones are:

  • An agile management of complex energy infrastructures. With Open E-Mobility, you can monitor the state of your charging infrastructure. For example, if a charging station is disconnected or a charging process is interrupted, notifications are automatically sent to the administrators. You can then, for example, reboot a charging station remotely without any on-site intervention.
  • A proactive user management to promote responsible behavior. Open E-Mobility communicates directly with your users when their vehicle is charged. As soon as the charging process is complete, a notification is sent to the user via smartphone or e-mail so that he can drive his vehicle away from the charging station and release it for the next vehicle.
  • A holistic management of all users of your charging infrastructure from a single platform. You can assign different roles and charging areas to your users where they can charge or not.
    You get accurate statistical information about how your users use the charging stations. This includes, for example, the inactive time per user, consumption in kWh, cost of charging sessions, time spent at the charging points, etc.