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Co-innovation & Research

While Open E-Mobility was literally born in a garage, we quickly realised that the energy transition was nothing without the right ecosystem: we leveraged our local and global partners network to co-innovate and to evangelize about the energy transition.


SAP Labs France is a proud member of Capenergies and working regularly with organisations such as ADEME or IMREDD (that run Open e-mobility for their experimental setup). We are involved in research projects and integrated several results such as for example the smart charging component published in IEEE in the very heart of the solution.

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mobena project


Innovation and research projects continue, and our team members are actively involved in the Mobena project.

The Mobena initiative was created in July 2020 by the main French professional organizations representing the electromobility ecosystem in the French market. The MOBENA Project focus is to ensure a successful deployment in the French market of the ISO 15118 services. Our goal is to make Open E-Mobility one of the first solution supporting Plug and Charge and smart charging ISO15118 standard.

As a first step we participated to the demonstration E-mobility: a successful demonstration of the Certificate Trust List for Plug & Charge interoperability

IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme

The IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA PVPS) is one of the TCP’s within the International Energy Agency (IEA) –  an autonomous body within the OECD.Its mission is to “enhance the international collaborative efforts which facilitate the role of photovoltaic solar energy as a cornerstone in the transition to sustainable energy systems.” Involving 6000 experts worlwide. The objective of Task 17 is to reduce CO2 emissions of the transport by enhancing PV energy usage contributing to PV market expansions.

Task 17’s scope includes PV-powered vehicles such as PLDVs (passenger light duty vehicles), LCVs (light commercial vehicles), HDVs (heavy duty vehicles) and other vehicles, as well as PV applications for electric systems and infrastructures, such as charging infrastructure with PV, battery and other power management systems matching Open e-mobility vision. You can read the Preliminary Requirements and Feasibility Conditions document  we contributed to.

PVPS Project
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We are also collaborating with our German colleagues involved in the Catena-X Automotive Alliance – the first large-scale use of GAIA-X compliant services – pursuing the goal of implementing a collaborative and open data network for the German and European automotive industry.


If you are doing research on your own or if you are simply interested to understand the usage of our infrastructure you can simply connect to our open data source.

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The TRADE EVs  (Trade of Renewable, aggregated and distributed energy by electric vehicles)to build a single platform to bring together all assets in one system and predict the driving behavior of the electric vehicle to match it to the optimal negative and positive energy consumption requirements of the grid.


While we are working with this large projects, we are also like to work closely with SMEs and startup that can bring their agility and  innovative ideas by leveraging the beauty of Open source and rich API to develop add-ons and extensions to develop a unique ecosystem around Open E-Mobility.

Several projects are on the way but it is already possible to use Open E-Mobility with:

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Think Solutions’ IoT platform, KHEIRON IoT Suite, enables users to easily connect their energy assets such as solar panels, energy storage, battery or smart building devices with Open E-Mobility. Get insights on all your energy assets and make the most of Open E-Mobility to better optimize your energy streams 

The Tronity platform that brings to Open e-mobility insights on the state of charge of your cars of the major EVs manufacturers in one hand and enables you to follow your fleet expenses globally in another hand. 

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The Evolution Energie Flexinergy connector enables to compute in near real time the energy bill of your charging infrastructure based on the different contracts in your site areas and EV transactions to warn you about potential consumption or cost deviation or to spot errors from your energy providers invoices…

We are looking forward to hear about your ideas and to coinnovate together.

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